Our GreenHouses

Hectares of land
species of interest
Reforested hectares

Our greenhouses are strategically located in the Amazon Rainforest at the Loreto region and the Dry Forest at Piura region. Our aim for these greenhouses is to generate the best quality of different endangered native aromatic and economically useful species for the world, therefore we can collaborate with the reforestation and increase of biodiversity of the two kind of forests where we develop our beautifull activity of producing the best Native Peruvian Essential Oils. 

Our reforestation program is linked to these two greenhouses that will provide sustainability and traceability to our value chain. All this efforts are meant to produce raw material only from plantations or agroforestry systems, achieving a forest balance and subsequent increase of biodiversity in areas that have been heavily exploited. Our expectations with our greenhouses is to plant more than 1 million trees in 5 years. 

The work of selection of seeds are carefully manage by natives and rural communities that have the ancestral knowledge for this work, taking care the seedlings for future generations. That's why we have created our program ADOPT A SEEDLING in order to conserve the magic of the trees in the forest. 

Our Work with native Communities

Women's empowerment

Empowering women is a must in our company spirit, we enhance them to achieve gradual economic independence as well as empowerment in society.

Our goal is to Involve 70-80% of the female population in the communities where we work.

Decent work

We seek to guide the development of the community, including productive activities that achieve social growth, making it possible for them to have sustainable economic development through the production of activities and items where we can manage a market.

Fair Trade

We want to improve the lives of workers focusing on an on-going dialogue and innovation, as well as division of labor according the different skills that each member possesses.

Environmental Impact

Increase of biodiversity

Sourcing with respect and sow for the future is improve the conservation of biodiversity.

Climate change

Reforestation of degraded forests is our main activity to cooperate with the reduction of CO2.

Sustainable consumption

Efficient use of natural resources and waste reduction as well as an awareness of circular economy.

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