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Found in 2011 our specialty are high quality essential oils from natural biodiversity of Peru. Our work system and the network of communities that we manage allow us to bring the best raw materials harvested in sustainable ways. Taking care of endangered resources is and will be one of our main purposes.
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Essential Oils Peru

Palo Santo

A trend oil for cosmetic industry, our Palo Santo has a sustainable system implemented for its production. Working now in a Fair Trade certification with the community where a great forest of Palo Santo is stablished, this people share their life in balance with nature.

Wild harvest from naturally death wood and all traceable for your security.

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Pink Pepper

Distillated from the fruit of Schinus molle, pink pepper oil has a unique profile for cosmetics and perfumery.

A typical tree in Peru, has been part of our culture. Used since pre-hispanic times to create a pleasant atmosphere, today it becomes an exotic aroma for its special sweetness.

Collected in Cusco from May to August for empowered women who make an organized work in their community.

Andean Mint

A peculiar type of mint, the Inca’s mint is obtained by steam distillation of Minthostachys mollis leaves. Wild harvested from the Interandean valleys (highlands) over 1200 metres above sea level.

Has a warm slightly mentholated aroma.

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Peruvian Myrtle

Wild harvested by local farmers who only work with pruning in rder to obtain more branches for next season.

Its exquisite aroma bring us the unique mix of molecules that tradicionally has been used for skin care.


This precious tree present in our Amazonia is one of the best sellers due tue its magnificient aroma and sustainable work.

Our Rosewood oil is only based in plantations, working together with their owners and of course our own plantations wich are increasing now up to 35 hectares.

Controlled by CITES authority who continuously inspect our fields and distillery each time we export this precious oil. All in a traceable process to ensure quality and sustainability of the resourse.

Look for our iniciative to adopt a Rosewood tree below.

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The Rosewood Experience

"Iquitos rainforest is the home of rosewood trees. These trees are in vulnerable state as a CITES species. EOP is working on different technologies of propagation for increasing the number of trees and to mantain the forest.Tropical rainforest, is the habitat of many exquisite species, making this place another hidden treasure of biodiversity"
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Essential Oils Peru
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Quality and Traceability

15 000 hectares

From the field to the distillery
15 000 hectares of forest for plant propagation of Amazonian species of global interest.

Value chains

Rural communities
 Strong and lasting relationships strengthen our value chain to achieve better traceability.

GC-MS tested

Purity guarantee
Tested batch through GC-MS in internationally recognized laboratories.

Our work on the field

Essential Oils Peru

From nurseries up to plantations fields, our main goal is to ensure a continuous supply of rawmatrial without unbalancing the forest.

EOP is strategically located in 3 of the most biodiverse regions of Peru. In the dry forest with Palo Santo. The andean valleys with Andean mint, Pink pepper and Peruvian myrtle. And of course in the Amazonia with Rosewood and new species for the perfumery industry.

Initiatives developed in the rainforest:

Adoption of treess like Mohena, Rosewood and other exotic species.

Education of communities for preserving the forest and their enviroment.

Innovation proyects with the Peruvian goverment and external support.